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The new European Capital Christmas Call 2022 is open!

The new European Capital Christmas Call of 2022 is open! An opportunity to spread the intrinsic values of Christmas and European Union, such as harmony and peace helping to be the guide for the participation of any city that wants to promote its look.


The event organization is the responsibility of the Christmas Cities Network Association, a non-profit entity, that pretend to raise the social and cultural development of the cities, promoting the preservation of its tangible and intangible heritage.

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Participants of
European Capital and City of Christmas

All cities and towns that are part of the 27 Member States of the European Union, as well as Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, Switzerland and United Kingdom will be able to participate in the Call.

The same city may submit to the Call only one single Project in the corresponding category, which will include all the proposed activities, in order to be assessed by the jury.

Call for proposal

Two categories are established according to the size of the city:
for cities with more than 100.000 inhabitants.

for cities with less than 100.000 inhabitants.

How to present a candidature

An individual person or representative of the cities foundations, companies, associations or other legal entities can be registered by sending the signed letter in PDF to with the information bellow:


– Identification details.


– If it is an entity, the whole name.


– Register office, postal code (including locality, province and country), telephone number and email address.


– Name and Surname of the legal representative.


Free registration for all participants

Winner Cities

European Capital of Christmas

European City of Christmas

European Capital of Christmas

European City of Christmas

International Jury

This international jury will be constituted by a number between five and seven experts in the different aspect involved,
preceded from the different Member States of the European Union.


José María Gil Robles (Spain)
Ex President of the European Parliament

Alberto Gutiérrez Alberca
Spanish Senator and President of the Organization

Henning Henning Wegener
German Ambassador

Joaquim Massena
Architect and Urban Planner

Mercedes Guillamón
Cultural Manager and Actres

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