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Torrejón de Ardoz is one of the capitals winning of the last year Call and will host the first International Meeting.


This meeting it will be the first one to present and analyze good practices in the creation and event Christmas organization in cities of the whole world. It will be focused in the cities with sustainable projects in the Christmas thematic, such as the social, cultural and economic development that it generates for their communities. Experts in several branches will be invited like cultural managers, urban planners as well as companies, public entities and academic institutions.


The registrations are opened and the places are limited. The event will count with the presence of the Torrejón de Ardoz Mayor and with the presence of several prominent people in the world of culture and economy.


According to Alberto Gutiérrez, President of Christmas Cities Network Association, it will be the moment in which the cities could exchange experiences, develop collaborations between them and enjoy the assistance of the organization team of the Call in matters of their interesting.


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