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Christmas Cities Network

Christmas Cities Network aims to promote the cultural European diversity values and especially the different and varied Christmas traditions in Europe, which are transcended to the whole world.


The registration on the Call includes annual membership to the European Cities of Christmas Network. A space for cities to exchange experiences, develop partnership and access to advice from the organizing team of the Call in matters of their interest.


Associations, companies, foundations and people who want to collaborate with the objectives and exchanges of the  Network may participate in the European Christmas Cities Network.


Benefits of the Network

The creation and promotion of this Project will repercute in the various sectors, such as economic, cultural or social that will be activated,  impacting in a positive way in the life of communities and inhabitants of the cities.


The Cities Network will facilitate and promote several activities to establish collaboration partnerships between the cities, companies, foundations and people, such as spaces to encourage common practices and projects and the exchange of experiences. The Christmas Cities Network promotes several volunteer actions:


1. Celebration of the Christmas Network Annual congress.

2. Organization of events and fairs during the year involving merchants and traders associations, artist and creators who want to associate his activity with Christmas and European Union.

3. Interaction between the partners in social, cultural and touristic levels.

4. International promotion.

5. Company exchange in national and international areas.


Inscription – Register Now

An individual person or representative of the cities / foundations / companies/ associations / or other legal entities can be registered by sending the signed letter in PDF to networking@europeancapitalofchristmas.org with the information bellow.:

– Identification details

– If it is an entity, the whole name

– Register office, postal code (including locality, province and country), telephone number and email address.

– Name and Surname of the legal representative

– Proof of payment of the register rights in the current account of the Christmas Cities Network Association, a nonprofit entity.

Registrations rights

Cities with a population over 100.000 ——- 100€ /month (1.200€/yearly)
Cities with a population under 100.000, individuals, associations, foundations or companies ………. 50€ /month (600€/yearly)

The cities participaiting in the annual European Christmas Capital and City Call, will be exempted of the registration payment in the Christmas European City during a year.

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